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An Afternoon in the Cougars DenThe thumping bass sound announced the approach of Miguel's car long before Damon saw it come around the corner and pull up to the side of the basketball court. Damon took one last shot, banking the ball off the backboard and through the hoop before jogging over to the high chain link fence surrounding the court where Miguel's car sat on the other side. The passengers side window of Miguel's Camry slid down and Luke leaned out."Yo Adams ," Luke called. For as long as Damon could remember, all his friends called each other by their last names. "We're plannin' to go swimmin' at the falls. Get in and we'll swing by your place so you can get your suit. We got three cars full already, and we're all meeting at Bushy's parking lot in about twenty minutes."Damon's face drooped, "I can't come man, I've got to be at Mrs. Robinson's place at three. She's got some work for me to do."Miguel leaned down from the drivers seat so he could see Damon's face through the passenger window and shouted, "Dude, call the old bitch and tell you can't make it today. Tell her you'll do it tomorrow.""I wish I could, but I can't man. I gotta take a pass today," Damon said."But Cara Hinkley's gonna be there, and I know damn well that you want to tap that ass," Luke said, holding his hands up while his fingers squeezed an imaginary ass.Damon shook his head and kicked the bottom of the chain link, while the memory of Cara kissing him came to his mind. He had been interested in Cara since his junior year of high school, and had only recently gotten up the courage to talk to her at a party a few weeks ago. She had been upset with her mother because of some family drama that she wouldn't discuss, and was busy trying to drown her sorrows in peach schnapps. Figuring that since high school was finished and he had nothing to lose, Damon had told her about his feelings for her, and that was when she leaned in and kissed him on the lips. It wasn't just a friendly kiss either, there was some serious passion and peach flavored alcohol behind it. Since the party, he had tried to hook up with her again but there was always something that stopped them, and now he was about to do it again. "I can't make it guys, I promised Mrs. Robinson.""Really dude, you're gonna pass up a chance to see Cara in a bathing suit, so you can go help granny change her adult diaper?" Luke asked while behind him Miguel guffawed at the idea. Luke continued, trying to draw a picture of Cara with his words, "Just imagine that tight, sexy body in a two piece bathing suit man. Her fucking tits all up in yo face dude. Those sexy bluish green eyes of hers, oh man, I'm poppin wood just thinking about her, and you want to go hang with some dried up old cootch."Damon bit his lip and suppressed the urge to defend Mrs. Robinson to his friends. They knew that he worked for the rich widow since he turned eighteen, but they had no idea what really took place there. "Look I'm sorry but, Mrs Robinson pays me good money to show up on time. She counts on me to be there, and I can't just blow her off."From the driver seat Miguel laughed, "Yeah, I'll bet you be blowin' her off. That why she pay so well?" Luke raised his hand and Miguel slapped it as they both laughed, then Luke held two spread fingers up under his mouth and flapped his tongue around, which brought on another round of laughter. "I heard she likes 'em young. See ya later sucka" Miguel called as he put the car in drive and pealed out as they continued to laugh. A moment later the booming bass began again as the car picked up speed down the road."Damn it," Damon mumbled to himself, then turned and headed across the court to his bike. He climbed on and pedaled the short distance to his house, where he took a shower and put on fresh clothes, then headed back out. Mrs. Julia Ann Robinson lived about a half mile away and Damon was there in minutes. He leaned his bike against the front steps, then jogged up to the front door.Damon didn't knock anymore, instead he just opened the door and stepped into the entryway onto the small rug. Once inside, he kicked his shoes off, then reached down and removed his socks. Next he pulled his shirt over his head, carefully folded it and placed it on a low table to his left. He then unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them down, pulling first one leg free, then the other. Once again he carefully folded his jeans and placed them with his shirt on the table. Lastly, he removed his underwear, folded them and set them on top of his jeans.Fully naked now, Damon got down on his hands and knees and began to crawl toward the doorway to the great room. He wondered what his friends would say if they could see him now, and shuddered at the thought of someone finding out what really went on when he was 'at work'. He let his friends make their little jokes, smiling and rolling his eyes as if he would never even consider doing anything with Mrs. Robinson. She was older than his own mother after all, and nearly old enough to be his grandmother, so why would a good looking, charismatic guy like Damon be interested in someone so much older? As Damon came crawling around the corner and into the great room, he could hear Mrs. Robinson talking. Thinking that there was someone else in the house, Damon froze, a shiver of fear traveling up his spine as he pictured himself being spotted. Then relief flooded in as he realized that she was only chatting on the phone. Once again he began to crawl toward her voice. As he came around the edge of the sofa, she glanced up and saw him."I've got to let you go Bree, my houseboy is finally here," she said, staring at Damon as he crawled over to her feet. He hated being called her 'houseboy', but he didn't complain. As he reached Julia's legs, she lifted her stiletto heeled, thigh high leather boot clad left foot up in front of him. "Oh yeah he is, he's a young, handsome stud muffin," Julia said to Bree, then, as Damon began to lower the zipper on the side of her boot, she added, "He's got a really nice cock, you should come over sometime and I'll let you try him out." Damon shot her a surprised look as he began to tug at her boot. He had never heard her tell anyone about him before, and offering his services to an unknown person was going too far.Damon started shaking his head as Julia continued. "Sure you can come over today, but not right away though, I want my time with him first. How about you come over at...say five o'clock, that gives me a few hours to have fun with him...Okay, I'll see you then, bye." She put the phone down picked up her wine glass."Who is Bree?" Damon asked as he finally was able to tug her first boot off and set it on the floor behind him."She's a close friend of mine. Someone I trust to keep our little secret," she said as she lifted her other foot. "I never agreed to fuck anyone else," Damon said, pulling the zipper of her boot all the way down."I know that dear, but I will pay you handsomely to show her a good time. How does double your usual fee sound?"Damon tugged and twisted her boot gently until it slid free of her foot, then it joined the other behind him. "What does she look like?" he asked, ignoring for a moment the idea of making an extra two hundred dollars."She's a sexy woman Damon, and younger than me by about ten years. She's recently divorced, so she desperately needs something to get her mind off that drama. I think you'll like her a lot.""I'll decide when she gets here."Holding her stockinged foot in his hands, Damon pushed it against his face and began breathing in her scent. He could tell that she had been wearing her boots all day as the smell was strong and not very appealing, but even though the sharp odor caused him to wince, it still caused his cock to begin to swell. Damon hated that he had no control of his own body, and he was embarrassed by the fact that he did these kinky things with a woman ten years older than his own mother. That was why he kept telling himself that he only did it for the money, but he couldn't deny the fact that he received pleasure also."Tell me how much you like the smell of my feet," Julia said before taking another sip of wine."Mm, I love the smell of your feet Julia," Damon said, not really meaning it, but this was the game that they played, the game that she wanted to play, and because she was the one with the cash, it had to be. The other foot came up and he held both to his face, breathing in the foul smell. His cock had reached its full hardness already, and he couldn't tell if it was from smelling her stench, or the thought of fucking her."Take my stockings off, and show my feet some real love."Her stockings were thigh high, and Damon had to slide his hands up under her skirt to find the top. He could feel the heat of her pussy as he hooked his fingertips and began to pull them down off her smooth legs. He pulled one off then went back for the second one. When both stockings were off and bunched up on the floor, he placed both of her feet back on his face covering his nose. The stench was stronger, but his cock continued to throb harder, and he didn't need to be told what to do next. Damon's tongue slipped out and he began licking her wrinkled soles."Oh that's wonderful boy. I've been on my feet all day in those boots and they really need some loving. Do a good job with them and I'll reward you later."The inner battle that was going on in Damon's mind was intense, but he continued to lave her soles with his tongue, licking from the rounded bottom to the top of her toes and back again. Inside he was cursing at himself for continuing with this relationship. He was angry with himself for passing up a chance to go swimming with Cara... and for what - a chance to make another hundred bucks being the plaything of a rich old widow?"Oh, that's wonderful, suck my toes."Damon moved up and took one of Julia's big toes in his mouth. He sucked it like a baby sucks a thumb, his mouth already used to the sour, salty, bitter taste, while his mind was still a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. It wasn't always this bad. Most days when he was with Julia, he would start out thinking about the cash he would receive, then get into the wild sex and enjoy himself. When he left her house he would often think about how lucky he was to get paid to have sex. Everything was changed on this day however, as he was now thinking about the fact that he blew his chance to hang out with Cara, and Cara was much prettier than Julia. Not that Julia was a slouch either. In fact, for her age, she wasn't all that bad. Sure her face was lined with some wrinkles, her skin was a bit leathery from years of too much sunlight, and her tits and ass were kind of saggy. Sure she had a bit of loose skin when she held up her arm, and her thighs jiggled when she rolled around on the bed. She was fifty years old after all, and although she did take care of her body, she showed some wear and tear like anybody. There was her belly scar that she said was from having her gall bladder removed, and the scar on her knee from knee replacement surgery. But Damon overlooked all that because of the money, or so that's what he had convinced himself anyway. His plan was to continue the relationship until he had a steady job that earned him enough money to live comfortably. For now though, he decided that he might as well have as much fun as possible.While Julia sipped her wine and relaxed, Damon continued to worship her feet, working his way all around with his lips and tongue, sucking and licking away the tension and sweat. The whole foot worship thing was relatively new to him, and while at first it had struck him as silly and strange, he had since grown quite accustomed to it, and now his cock grew rock hard every time he started working on them. He wondered how it would feel to do this with Cara's feet, but then realized that he would probably never try it because she would think he was a pervert if he did. "Okay, that's enough of that," Julia said, pulling her feet away from Damon's grasp. He hadn't realized it but he had been playing with her feet for nearly twenty minutes. He watched her sit forward on the chair, a high backed Victorian style, and tug her skirt up her thighs. "My pussy is soaking these panties," she said, spreading her creamy thighs wide open to showcase her sex. "See what you do to me boy." With a look, Damon confirmed that she was telling the truth, as her white granny panties sported a large wet spot, rendering the material nearly transparent.While Damon was looking at the wet spot in her underwear, Julia was looking down upon his cock still proudly erect. "I see that I'm doing the same to you," she said with a grin, then lifted her foot and began to rub the underside of his manhood with her toes. A drop of clear pre-cum escaped from the tip and slid slowly down the helmet shaped head. She wiggled her toe into the smooth, lubricating liquid and spread it around the head while a moan escaped from Damon's throat."Mm, I just love the look of your cock Damon. Such a beautiful thing. Stand up here so I can feel it," the older lady said. Damon complied and she took his member into her hands. This was unusual but Damon wasn't going to complain. Normally she made him get her off at least one time before allowing him the privilege to cum. "My husband never let me touch his cock you know, he said it was a sin. Hell, I never even saw him naked in all the years that we were married. He would come to bed in full pajamas after changing in the bathroom with the door locked. Can you imagine that?"Damon was having a hard time imagining anything as his cock was being manipulated, but he did what he thought was polite and nodded his head. The older woman continued, "Twenty four years I spent with him, and the only time he ever touched my pussy was when he was trying to fuck me. I always knew when he wanted sex because he would climb under the covers, then pull his pajama bottoms off. Then he would climb over me and start humping away like a dog. I was just glad that his cock was so small because I was almost never wet when he started, and he always finished so quickly that I never got any satisfaction. He would tell me that sex was for procreation only, but the limp prick never did get me pregnant." She laughed as her hands slowly stroked. She had both hands wrapped around it and the head was still sticking out.Struggling to maintain his composure while his cock was being expertly stroked, Damon balled his hands into fists and cried out, “Oh shhhhit I’m so close.”“Really, are you going to cum for me Damon?”“Mm hm,” he whined as another dollop of clear fluid dripped down the head of his cock and smeared onto Julia's fingers. “Then cum boy,” the older woman replied, jerking away at his cock. She could feel it twitching and jumping in her hand and knew that it would soon spurt.Damon's legs were wobbling as if they were about to give out. His balls were churning as they prepared to empty their seed. A drop of sweat rolled down the side of his face but went unnoticed as the need to cum built to a crescendo and then..."Oh yeah, I'm cumming," he cried out as he reached the pinnacle and was pushed past the point of no return.Watching his face closely, Julia encircled the base of Damon's cock with her fingers... and then squeezed tightly."UUUUNNNNGGGGGAAHHHH!" Damon yelled out in surprise. His balls were pumping, trying in vain to send the semen down the urethra, but it was being squeezed shut, so nothing was coming out. "Let it go!" he shouted, trying to pull away from her, but her grip was too tight and she held firm. Damon was certain that his cock was going to burst apart until his ruined orgasm finally powered down. Sensing that it was over, Julia let go of Damon's cock with a chilling chuckle and watched in amusement as he dropped back to his knees looking at his cock. It was still hard, but it had lost its rigid look, and now hung at a slight angle down instead of up. "Did you really think I was going to let you enjoy an orgasm before you take care of me boy?" Julia asked. "Let's not forget that I'm the one paying you to make me feel good. Your orgasm is just an added bonus to you. Besides, I can't let you spew your smelly cum all over my clean floor."As Damon caught his breath and struggled with the urge to just leave before the real kinky stuff began, he felt an odd feeling in his cock and looked down to see a drop of white cum emerge from the head and begin to droop down on a strand. Julia saw it too. "Quick, catch it," she barked, and Damon quickly moved his hand underneath to catch it.With a large drop of his own cum in his palm, Damon looked up at Julia. "You have some tissues around?" he asked."Just lick it up hon," she said."What...I can't do that," Damon said, looking closely at the white cream in his hand. "That's nasty."Julia smiled as she reached down and took ahold of his wrist. "It won't kill you Damon, men expect their girlfriends to swallow it all the time," With that, she leaned over, stuck her tongue out and licked the cream onto the tip of her tongue. She tilted her head up and held her tongue out to show him that she had it on her tongue, then closed her mouth and appeared to swallow it. Damon was entranced by her actions until, without warning, she grabbed his face, leaned forward and kissed him deeply. Before he knew what was happening, she shoved her tongue into his mouth and deposited the warm sperm. His eyes opened wide as he tried to pull away, but he was still on his knees with her leaning over him, and before he could stop it, he felt the cream sliding to the back of his throat. With no way of stopping it, he was forced to swallow.Julia slowly pulled away from Damon, who had stopped the struggle after he had swallowed. "You tricked me," he blurted angrily."Yes I did," she replied in a matter of fact tone. "Are you angry with me?""Yes.""Good, then take out your anger on my pussy. After all, I've been such a naughty girl," she growled. Julia started to remove her skirt, but Damon reached up and caught her wrist in his hand. "Allow me," he said with steely determination. Rising up onto his feet, Damon stood nearly a foot taller than the older woman. He reached out and grabbed the hem of her skirt roughly, then yanked her toward him. She let out a surprised yelp but didn't struggle. with a vicious jerk, he snatched her skirt downward, hearing threads snap and nearly knocking her over in the process. "AAHH," Julia yelped as her skirt dropped to the floor. Damon twisted her around so she faced away from him, then bent her over the chair. With one hand on her back holding her down, he grabbed a handful of her panties and jerked them down to expose her ass. Then he raised his arm up high and swung hard, his open palm cracking her ass with a loud, stinging smack. "AAHHHH," she howled, then, as he swung again and slapped just as hard on her ass and pussy, she yelled, "AHHH YESSS, spank me, I've been bad.", and Damon didn't disappoint, cracking her ass several more times until his own hand stung too much to continue.By the time Damon stopped spanking, Julia ass and pussy were bright red and she was whining and moaning, her whole body shaking and tingling. Damon didn't give her a moments rest as he squatted down behind her and ran his tongue between her plump pussy lips. The heat coming off her was like a furnace and the thick smell of her excitement was intoxicating. His own excitement back with a vengeance, Damon licked her from her swollen clitoris to her pulsing asshole and back again, finally settling in on her clit.Bent over the chair, Julia moaned and bit her fist as Damon's tongue worked its magic. When he stopped on her clit and began to suck and flick it with his tongue, her knees buckled and she began to drop. Damon wrapped his arms around her thighs to hold her up and sucked her clit even harder. "OOOOHHHH YESSSS, I'M GONNA CUMMMM, DON'T STOP OH DON'T STOP PLEASE," Julia cried.Damon wasn't about to stop, instead he shoved two fingers into her pussy and redoubled his efforts. As soon as his fingers entered her tight orifice, it clamped down as she began to cum. "UUUHHHH FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK I'M CUMMMMING!" Julia squealed.As soon as Julia began to cum, Damon stopped what he was doing. He stood up, lined his rock hard cock up with her pussy, and slammed it home. She let out another scream as he began to fuck her with a vengeance. He was pulling his cock all the way out, then driving it back balls deep, their bodies slapping together. Pussy juice sprayed out on each backstroke, coating their thighs with her juices and puddling on the hardwood floor. Lewd sounds of their lust filled the room, squelching, squishing, flapping, moaning, shouting and grunting. One orgasm ran into the next as wave after wave washed over Julia. Damon's pleasure was also growing. He reached both hands around her chest, bypassing her breasts to grab each side of her blouse. With a vicious yank, her buttons flew. He pulled the ruined garment back and off her arms, then unlatched her bra. All the while he continued to fuck her brutally. When Julia's breasts were free, Damon grabbed them from behind, pinching at her nipples and stretching them painfully."OH YES FUCK MEEEE!" Julia cried, "IT'S SO GOOD, SO GOOD OHHHHMM!"Damon's youth and strength helped him last a long time, but he was nearing the end of this game, and wanted to give Julia one more thrill before shooting his load. With one more twist of her nipples, he let go then stood up straight. Next he pulled his cock all the way back until just his head was inside her and said, "Are you ready Julia? Are you ready for me to cum inside you?""OH FUCK YESSSS! DO IT BOY, DO IT!"Holding his throbbing erection by the base Damon said, "Then get ready, because here it comes." With that, he pulled it the rest of the way out and began to push it into her asshole."OH WAIT," Julia blurted, trying to pull away as the bulbous head forced its way through her first tight sphincter. She liked anal play, but had always worried that Damon's cock was much too big for her. As he pushed forward, her puckered hole was tight and rebelled at first.Damon was not about to be denied though. Once the head was inside her tight opening, he gripped her hips and kept pushing, forcing his think pole past her second sphincter. Bree cried out in pain as her ass began to swallow his huge member."OOOHHH!" Julia wailed, "It's too big...stop...I can't take it...you're splitting meeee."Not listening, Damon pushed forward, inching his member inside her anal cavity until finally his balls rested against her pussy lips. "Oh fuck its so tight," he grunted, leaving himself bottomed out inside her so she could adjust to his size."Oh fuck Damon, you did it," Julia breathlessly gasped. "I can't believe it all the way inside my ass." Then Damon pulled back a few inches and eased it back in. Back and forth he pumped slowly, pulling out a bit further each time and also picking up speed. Before long he was pounding in and out and Julia cried out, "Oh yeah, that's it, fuck my ass. I think I'm gonna cum again. Oh fuck it's so good!"It was good for Damon too, and he was nearing the point of no return. It was going to be a struggle to hold out much longer, but he really wanted to make her cum again so that she would be more receptive to anal sex again. To help her along, Damon reached around and started to finger her clitoris with one hand while his other massaged her breast.With a few more fierce thrusts, Damon was unable to hold back any longer and with an animalistic growl, his damn burst. A hot blast of cum fired deep inside Julia's bowels as Damon shoved himself as deep as he could, and just at that moment, Julia reached her own peak."OOOHHH YESSS!" Julia cried out in ecstasy as once again she was wracked by an orgasm. She could feel the heat of his cum as he hosed down her insides and it only managed to increase her pleasure.Over time, they both began to catch their breath and finally Damon's cock had shrunk down enough for Julia's tight sphincter muscles to push him out without him pulling back. She managed to stay upright only because she had her legs locked, but as soon as she felt Damon's slimy soft cock squelch out of her ass, she gave up trying to stay upright and dropped to the floor. Feeling worn out himself, Damon sat in her chair and looked down at his cock. His first ass fuck had been incredible and he couldn't stop looking at himself. "We have about forty five minutes before Bree arrives," Julia said, still breathless from their energetic fuck. "We should shower and get ready for her."Damon nodded and said, "I've decided that I will fuck your friend Bree, but I'll only do it if I'm in control the whole time.""So ripping my clothes off my body, forcefully bending me over the chair, spanking my ass raw, and fucking my asshole isn't enough control for you?""You pay me to play the role of the submissive slave who finally has enough and overpowers you, that's not exactly me being in control you know. That's your kinky fetish, not mine, I just go along with it because-""-Because I pay you so well," Julia interrupted. "Yes, I fully understand your reasons behind why you do what you do Damon. I get it, you're not really interested in a wrinkly old horny lady like me, you're just in it for the cash. That's why I pay you so well. I'll tell you what...I'll have a chat with Bree when she arrives, and I'll see if she'll agree to your terms. But you must realize that she might be against letting you give the orders. I'll only pay you when she's satisfied, and giving up control may not be what fires her furnace, if you know what I mean."Damon did know, but he wasn't about to change his mind. ---The two showered together, washing each others bodies from head to toe. Drops of Damon's cum continued to leak from Julia's asshole the whole time. After the shower, they both donned robes and went to the kitchen to recharge. They were both just finishing a light meal when there was a knock on the door."That will be Bree. I'd love it if you answered the door totally naked," Julia said."Nope," Damon said, "you answer it naked.""But she's not here to see me, she's here for you Damon.""I told you that I'll only do it if I'm in control. Show me that I'm in control and answer the door...naked."There was more knocking. Julia nodded and said, "Fine, I'll do what you ask for now." She stood up and dropped her robe. Damon stood and followed her as she made her way to the front door and peered out the frosted side window. Confident that it was Bree, Julia took a deep breath, and pulled the door open."Whoa, did I interrupt something?" Bree asked, looking away from her naked friend and blushing."No, not at all," Julia answered, "Come in Bree, and meet Damon."Bree hesitated only a second before squeezing in past her friend and looking to Damon. Her eyes did a double take as she glanced his way, then down to the floor, then back at his naked form with wide eyes. "Wow, you weren't joking around Julia. He is a stud." She set her purse down on the side table without taking her eyes off the hunky stud.Damon was staring openly at Bree, wondering why her face looked so familiar. After a moment of contemplation, where he convinced himself that he was mistaken and he had never seen her before, Damon began to assess her body. Bree had light brown hair in a short, stylish cut. Her face was very smooth, only showing wrinkles when she smiled brightly. Her eyes were a gorgeous blue-green color that was somehow familiar to Damon. She was a petite woman, the top of her head only coming to Damon's chest, but her figure was the classic hourglass shape. One of her most prominent features however, was her ample cleavage that was showed off so well by her low cut neckline. Damon loved large breasts on a woman, and Bree had no shortage of that."Bree, this magnificent young man is Damon," Julia said as she walked around her friend and ran one hand up the side of his arm. Her hand then slid down across his chestand all the way down to his hanging cock, which she caught in a loose grip and waved toward her friend while saying, "And this incredible piece of meat is Damon's cock.""Hello Damon, and hello Damon's cock," Bree growled, her eyes devouring the nude teen. Damon reached down and gripped Julia's wrist, pulling her hand away from his cock which had started to awaken. "Tell her," he said."Tell me what?" Bree asked. "Is everything alright, or is it off? Because I understand if you changed your mind.""Oh no, it's not off honey," Julia said, "It's just that...well Damon will only agree if he is in full control.""Oh... so you mean that I have to be his slave?""Well I wouldn't call it a slave, just let him be in control."Bree seemed to contemplate this while she stared at Damon. Her confidence had left her and was replaced by nervousness. "That's not what I expected Julia. I thought that it would be the other way around.""I know, but this is the only way he'll agree. You can trust him though. He won't hurt you, just give you the most intense orgasms in your life. And I will be right outside the door if you need me.""No you won't," Damon insisted, as both women turned to look at him, he looked at Julia and said, "If I'm going to do this, you're going to be right here with us."Bree's eyes went up in surprise as Julia shook her head and said, "Oh, I don't think that's a good idea Damon, I mean Bree is probably going to want some privacy." She looked to Bree and asked, "Am I right Bree?""It's not a request Julia," Damon said, "We do this my way or we don't do it.""I just don't know why," Julia said. Then she looked at Bree and said, "I'm sorry Bree,精品国产综合区久久久久久 what do you want to do?"Bree shrugged and said, "Well hun, if you don't mind seeing me naked, I guess I don't mind you watching."Julia nodded and said, "Well okay then." She looked a bit uncomfortable at the prospect of being a voyeur.Bree stepped toward Damon and asked, "You're in control, so what do you want me to do?""I want you to let her strip you," he said, motioning to Julia, who had stepped back to give them more room.Bree looked over to Julia, "Oh...ooo-kay," she said."Let's go Julia," Damon ordered. "I'm in charge, so get over there and take her clothes off."After a momentary pause, Julia hesitantly made her way over to Bree, and began to unbutton her blouse. Damon stood close by watching as her top was opened and pushed off her shoulders. It fell to the floor behind her, and Julia ignored it as she next began to work on the button of her friend's shorts. Bree's pudgy belly made it a bit difficult for Julia to undo the button, but finally the shorts joined the blouse on the floor and Bree stood there in only her underwear and bra.Not sure if she should continue, Julia stepped back and looked at Damon, "All set now?" she asked, hoping that he would take over."Take her bra off," he answered."Fine," Julia said, rolling her eyes in exasperation. She stepped behind her friend and unlatched the hooks holding the straps together, then she slid it forward and moved around to Bree's front. She knew that her friend had large breasts, but when the bra fell into her hands, her eyes were drawn to the cantaloupe sized melons as gravity took over and they drooped down toward her belly. Julia had to drag her eyes away and turned to Damon with the large size bra. "Here ya go. Am I done now?" she asked, wanting to go sit by herself and watch the action."Tell me ladies, have either of you ever eaten pussy?" Damon asked, ignoring the bra.Julia scoffed and shook her head. "We're not lesbians Damon," she said, then looked at Bree, who raised one eyebrow and shrugged."I have once," Bree admitted, "but I was a teenager and I was kind of drunk.""Seriously?" Julia asked, a shocked look on her face. "You've never told me that.""It's not exactly something that you brag about you know. I'm not proud of the fact that I had sex with a woman twice my age when I was nineteen years old."Now Julia was even more shocked. "You've got to be kidding me. What the hell happened?"Bree sighed loudly and said, "I was young, and I went to a sleep over at a friends house. Her mother had gone out on a date, so we got into her alcohol, figuring that she wouldn't notice. My friend passed out around one a.m., and I went to the kitchen to find a snack. Her mom came home, and she was drunk also. I don't remember exactly what happened, but the next thing I knew, she was kissing me and one thing led to another. She pushed me down onto the kitchen table and licked me from behind. I was so shocked that she would do that, but I was too turned on to stop her. It was my first time, and I came so quick. Then we swapped places and I did her, but I don't know if she came or not.""I'm shocked," Julia said, then after a moment she added, "did you like it?""For a long while I felt so much guilt because it was my best friend's mother, but deep down I knew that I really did like it.""Did your friend ever find out?" Damon asked."I don't think she ever did, but our relationship was never the same afterward. I was worried about seeing her mother again, so I avoided her, and I couldn't explain why. It was just awkward.""Wow!" Julia exclaimed."Well good," Damon said, "I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself, because I want you to show Julia how good lesbian sex can be.""Damon no," Julia said, "she doesn't want to do me, she wants you.""And she can have me, after she eats your pussy."Julia turned to Bree and said, "I'm sorry Bree, I envisioned this going a whole different way.""It's okay Jules, I guess it's up to you though," Bree said."What do you mean it's up to me?" Julia asked."I mean I'm game if you are. I've got no plans this afternoon, and I was really looking forward to having a little strange on the side," Bree admitted nonchalantly while running her eyes hungrily over Damon's hard body."Are you serious?" Julia gasped, "But I'm not like that. I don't think I could..."Damon decided the time was now to take over. "I'm not giving you a choice," he snapped, then without warning, he bent at the waist and scooped her up over his shoulder like a fireman carrying an unconscious person from a burning building."Hey!" Julia cried out as she was literally swept off her feet. "Damon no!""Follow me," Damon called to Bree, feeling a bit like the Terminator as he easily carried the prone woman across the room."Damon this is ridiculous, put me down this instant," Julia ordered, but for some reason she was not very forceful with her order, and in fact, there was a part of her that was loving every second of this, and she hoped that Damon would not stop.Bree followed Damon's instruction and stayed right behind him, her eyes going from Julia's ass to Damon's as he carried her friend to the foot of the stairs, then began to climb them."Damon, you're not taking me to my bedroom are you?" Julia asked, as she was carried up the steps. In all the time that Damon and her had been playing their games, she had never allowed him into her bedroom, telling him from the start that her bedroom was off limits no matter what. They had fucked in the kitchen, the dining room, the great room, the living room, the bathroom, the spare rooms, and even out on the back deck next to the hot tub, but never had he been able to lay his eyes upon her bedroom. When he asked her why, she told him that it wouldn't be right because it was her late husband's room too."No talking slave," Damon grunted, and to emphasize his point, her reached up and gave her a stinging slap on her ass."Ow!" Julia yelped at the unexpected slap, then tried to reason with him, "Please Damon, I don't want you in my bedroom."As he reached the top step, Damon let loose with a flurry of several stinging slaps on Julia's plump ass. Her cheeks jiggled like gelatin with each loud clap of his hand, and Julia cried out again and again. By now tears had filled her eyes and were running over her forehead and into her scalp. She couldn't decide if it was the slaps on her ass, the fact that she was hanging upside down, or the concern that she couldn't stop Damon from going into her bedroom, that was making her tears flow, but for some reason, her pussy seemed to be just as wet.Damon turned and headed toward the one door he had not been through in the house, Julia's bedroom. As he reached the door, he heard whispers behind him, and realized that Julia was trying to tell Bree to stop him. Without a hesitation, Damon pushed the door open, and walked inside.---The bedroom was as impressive as the rest of the house. Four walls, two large windows and one French style glass door on one wall overlooking a second floor balcony, and a large walk-in closet. There was a California king bed with a mahogany headboard and footboard, a twelve drawer bureau with a large wooden framed mirror, matching nightstands on either side of the bed, and a electric fireplace built in to the wall opposite the bed.Damon carried Julia over to the closest side of the bed, and flung her down, keeping one hand wrapped around her ankle so she couldn't crawl away."This is his side," Julia hissed, as she looked around. "We shouldn't be here.""What are you afraid of?" Damon asked, "He died years ago, it's time to let him go," He turned his attention toward Bree and said, "You, come over here now."Bree quickly rushed over to the side of the bed and said, "Yes sir.""Show this horny bitch how it feels to be licked by a woman.""Yes sir," Bree repeated, but this time it was with a dreamy smile. She grabbed Julia's other ankle and pulled, opening her friend like a wishbone, then climbed onto the bed and lowered her face. She was struck by the strong smell of arousal before she even got close, and chanced a look up at Julia's face before she continued. Julia was biting her lip and trembling like a leaf in a windstorm. Her hands were balled into fists and her eyes were closed tightly as she awaited what she couldn't stop, didn't know if she wanted to stop, but was afraid to allow. When her husband was around, he had strict rules, and one that he made perfectly clear, was that their bedroom was for the two of them only. No one else was allowed inside the room under any circumstances, and until today, no one had ever been. Even though there was a part of Julia that hated the man for his unbending ways, she still had trouble breaking that one rule.Bree hadn't expected things to go like they were. She had come here with visions of ordering a young, handsome, strong, teenager around. That was what Julia had said anyway, and she thought she would have fun with his rigid cock and eager tongue. Instead she was the one being ordered around, and instead of wrapping her lips around a throbbing male member, she was getting ready to lick the plump folds of a juicy pussy instead.It was a startling change, but not entirely unwelcome, as Bree was feeling a tingle in her pussy at the thought of what she was about to do.Leaning in the last few inches was like moving in slow motion for Bree, and for the second time in her life, she placed her tongue against another woman's pussy. The taste was sharp and salty and thick, but heavenly and Bree began to take long licks from bottom to top, spreading the thick lips of Julia's sweet pussy with each pass. The first few tentative licks from Bree's tongue gave Julia a start, but she soon warmed up to the soft, gentle licks and within minutes she was breathing heavy and moaning. She couldn't believe that she was actually experiencing a woman's tongue and lips for the first time in her life. She couldn't believe that the lips and tongue were her best friend's. And lastly, she couldn't believe that she was actually enjoying it, and thinking about reciprocating.While Bree licked and Julia moaned, Damon stood slowly stroking his swollen cock while watching the two women play. After a few minutes of watching, he wanted more, and his eyes fell on Bree's plump ass. He stepped around behind her and grabbed a handful, squeezing her squishy ass cheek, then slid his hand into her pussy. It was already very wet, and after a few moments of rubbing her juices around, he placed the head of his cock against her opening, and slid inside. A deep moan escaped Bree's throat as she felt the length of Damon's youthful cock glide effortlessly into her syrupy snatch. It had been a long time since she felt so stuffed down there, and the feeling was incredible. Although only divorced for six months, Bree hadn't had relations with her husband for the last couple of years because he lost interest in sex. Still busily sucking and licking Julia's drenched pussy, Bree became lost in the sexual bliss as Damon began to saw his member in and out of her own desperate hole.Never in a million years would Julia have ever imagined that another woman could make her feel so good. She was well on her way to another powerful orgasm after already having a few with just Damon hours ago. Several things that seemed important only minutes ago were forgotten now as the feelings grew inside her. Reaching around her thighs, she gripped Bree's head between her hands and pulled her in tighter, anxiously anticipating another climax. But just when she was nearing the point of no return, just when she started to moan the words, "Oh God I'm gonna cum Bree," and "Oh don't stop," just when the muscles in her trembling thighs began to tighten up, Damon grabbed a handful of Bree's hair and pulled her back, saying, "Stop right there."Bree's sucking mouth came away from Julia's pussy with a smacking sound and a thread of juice still attached. "Unh wha..." she gasped as her hungry mouth longed to latch back on and finish the job it had started. She licked her lips of the tasty juices and wished her tongue was long enough to lick her chin and nose of the rest.Having been nearly delirious with pleasure, and so close to orgasm a slight breeze would send her over the edge, Julia was beside herself when the tantalizing tongue and luscious lips of her best friend Bree were pulled away at the last possible instant. Her eyes popped open and she tilted her head up to see what had happened. "Hey," she exclaimed, "What the hell."Still fucking his man meat inside Bree's long unused pussy, Damon said, "You don't cum until I give you permission. Now spin around and get your face under us." He pulled Bree up until she was standing almost fully erect, and watched as Julia made the transition on the bed. When the top of her head was touching Bree's pubic hair, Damon pushed her back down until the two women were in a 69 position. "Now crawl up slowly on the bed," Damon ordered Bree, and as she did, he followed her until they were both kneeling with Julia's face right below Bree's well fucked pussy."How's the view down there?" Damon asked with a chuckle, as he began fucking Bree again.Julia wasn't concerned about the view from her vantage point because she was so close to the action that she could only see the blur of Damon's hairless balls as they swung back and forth mere centimeters from her eyes. The sounds and smells were what was really interesting. Damon's cock sliding in and out of Bree's wet hole was making sounds that would be terribly embarrassing if everyone present wasn't so horny. The smell was the most intense mixture of male and female sex pheromones that she had ever had the pleasure of breathing, and her mouth watered more than ever before. Without waiting to be told, she stuck out her tongue and began licking.In her thirty eight years on the planet, Bree had been fucked and had her pussy licked by her husband hundreds of times,but never had she been fucked and licked at the same time, until now. The feeling of Julia's tongue gliding over her clitoris while Damon's thick cock stretched her pussy was glorious, and in a very short amount of time, she was nearing her first orgasm of the day."Get your face back in that hot cunt," Damon barked at Bree as she focused on her own rising pleasure, moaning and humping her hips to meet every thrust of his teenaged cock, and rub her clit on Julia's hot tongue. He pushed her face down without slowing his momentum.Underneath all the action, Julia felt like she had become an afterthought as Bree and Damon continued their hearty fucking as if she wasn't there. Her tongue was still at work though, licking Bree's clit and Damon's cock and nut sack when he thrust forward. The flavors were intoxicating and kept her own sexual heat higher than ever. She was however, beginning to think that she was going to be denied her own climax while helping them both cum, at least until she felt Bree's tongue go back to work on her pussy. With just a few licks, she was suddenly back in the race and all three of them were nearing the last hurdle together."Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," Damon groaned as he pumped in and out of Bree's hot cunt. The feeling of Julia's tongue rubbing on the underside of his cock and balls every time he thrust forward was a new sensation that was pushing him to a whole new level of pleasure."Mmmmmhhhh, Bree groaned in agreement with Damon. Her mouth was latched onto Julia's pussy with tremendous suction while her tongue worked tirelessly to bring her best friend to orgasm.Julia was the first to reach the plateau and her thighs clamped together on Bree's ears, holding her head in place while her pussy started to spasm. The eroticism of her position set Bree's orgasm in motion just a moment later causing her pussy to clamp down hard on Damon's cock. That was all it took for him to reach the point of no return also, and although his first instinct was to shove himself all the way inside the clutching cavern to deposit his seed, he still had the presence of mind to pull out just as the first blast of hot cum fired from the tip of his urethra, splashing Bree's winking asshole. Before the next shot fired, Damon pointed himself down and pushed the head into Julia's open mouth.The last thing Julia expected, as she rode the waves of her intense orgasm while Bree's tongue continued its assault on her convulsing pussy, was for her mouth to be filled with Damon's pussy juice coated cock. Her eyes flew open as she felt the swollen knob push past her gaping lips, just as a hot blast of cream hosed the back of throat. She couldn't stop him from sinking three more inches of his slimy shaft into her mouth, the helmet shaped head pushing up against the very back of her throat just as the third squirt of semen was ejected from the pumping penis. She gagged once as the thick semen collected in a pool by her tonsils, and was forced to swallow to stop from choking. The first swallow triggered several more in rapid succession while more cum leaked into her throat. Damon clutched his hand around his balls and shaft as the pleasure of his orgasm ebbed and the last dregs of semen were expelled from the tip of his pumping cock. Feeling exhausted from the most pleasurable orgasm of his young life, Damon laid over the top of Bree's backside, leaving his still throbbing cock to slowly soften inside Julia's mouth. He was all out of breath and his legs were weak. The weight of Damon on Bree's backside caused her to drop onto Julia who felt like she was being squished, but couldn't complain because her mouth was full of still hard cock. For several seconds, all three just lay together catching their breath while the sweat slowly dried on their bodies. Finally Damon pushed himself up and pulled his soft, wet cock out of Julia's mouth. He gave a playful swat on Bree's ass and said, "Come on, move over so Julia can get up and clean that cum off your ass.""What?" Julia asked, pushing herself up onto her elbows when Bree rolled off her. "What do you want?" She was sure that she heard him right, but wasn't sure exactly what he wanted her to do.With Bree lying on her back next to Julia, Damon lifted her feet and legs up over her head until she bent her knees and her ass was lifted up. "Get up here and see," he ordered Julia while looking at the sticky mess.With a sigh, Julia got up and came around to where Damon was standing. Bree's thick ass cheek blocked the majority of the mess until she was standing right beside him, then she could see a truly disgusting sight. White cum was smeared from the bottom of Bree's pussy to midway up her crack. It reminded Julia of one of those Rorschach inkblot tests, except that the ink was actually cum and the folded paper was actually a large ass crack. "She needs all that cum cleaned off her ass and pussy," Damon said, "and I want you to do it with your tongue.""Oh that's disgusting," Julia uttered with a quick shake of her head. "I'm not doing that.""Oh yes you are," Damon insisted, then grabbed a handful of her hair in one hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist. With his larger, stronger body, Damon began to bend her forward. "I'm the boss here don't forget, and when I give you an order, you had better follow it without question," he growled into her ear as he pushed her face down toward her friend's ass."Damon no!" Julia wailed just before her face was forced between the soft pillowy ass cheeks. She closed her mouth at the last second and felt the slimy, sticky mess coat her nose, lips and chin. Soon she found that she couldn't breathe without opening her mouth and Damon wasn't letting her up."Come on now, let's see that tongue get to work, or I'll hold you here until you pass out," Damon ordered. He was quite sure that he was crossing a line here and he wouldn't be invited back, but a part of him was fine with that as he had been contemplating telling Julia to find another plaything for a few weeks now. If this was the last straw, then so be it, he thought.Meanwhile, Bree was holding her legs up over her head and staring in absolute awe at what was being done to her best friend Julia. Part of her wondered if she should put a stop to this by getting up, but then she remembered that Julia had confided in her that she secretly liked to be dominated and degraded. Was this degradation going too far she wondered, or was Julia secretly enjoying this treatment? She decided to let it play out and see what happened, but if Damon got too rough, she would speak up.Julia held out for as long as she could hold her breath, which was only about twenty seconds, then she stuck out her tongue and began licking the syrupy mess. Once again her mouth was filled with the bitter taste of semen. Damon couldn't see Julia's tongue worming out of her mouth to lick up his sperm because Bree's plump ass cheeks had seemingly swallowed Julia's whole face, but after a few seconds of licking, Bree said, "I can feel it, she's licking me." "That's a good girl," Damon said. He pulled her face up enough so he could see her tongue stuck out, then let go of her hair and said, "clean her real good and I'll think about letting you cum one more time before I leave."A strange feeling of pride welled up in Julia as she set about doing what she was supposed to, and soon she found herself getting into the messy task. She hadn't been acting when she had said that it was disgusting and that she wasn't going to do it, in fact, she had been adamant that she wasn't about to put her face anywhere near the sticky mess. Then when Damon took over and pushed her face down, she became the submissive slut that she was. Licking the slimy mess was turning out to be a real turn on for Julia, and suddenly the idea of another orgasm sounded wonderful."Oh my God that feels incredible," Bree hissed as Julia enthusiastically licked her ass crack. "No one's ever done that to me before." She pursed her lips and began humping her hips up and down as her friend's tongue moved closer to her puckered asshole.Julia couldn't believe what she was doing. It was so dirty and disturbing and she knew that she shouldn't be doing it, but when Bree cried out that it felt good, it spurred her on even more. Soon she had moved up and began to run her tongue around Bree's tight hole. Her mind knew that this was where shit came out and that this was the dirtiest part of a person's body, but suddenly it didn't matter to her anymore, the depravity of the act became a massive turn on."She's licking my asshole Damon. I can't believe she's doing it, but it feels divine," Bree gushed. As Damon watched, Bree's pussy kept opening and closing as Julia's tongue worked over her asshole. Without a warning, Damon stepped up on the bed, and stepped over Bree's legs facing her pussy."What are you..." Bree began to ask as he suddenly drove two fingers deep into her clutching pussy, she moaned, "Ohhhhh shhhiitt!" She was so wet that his finger sank all the way in with no problem.Damon fucked his fingers deep into Bree's pussy while Julia was still tonging her asshole, which had begun to loosen and open. Meanwhile Bree was now looking up at Damon's hairy ass and hanging ball sack only a foot above her face, while her legs and back was starting to tighten up from the unnatural position. It may have been a bit uncomfortable for her, but the feelings she was experiencing were so intense she didn't want it to stop."Oh my God, you're gonna make me cum," Bree cried out as Damon added a third finger, and Julia's tongue began to sink into her loosening asshole. The sights, sounds, smells and feelings were an overwhelming mix that was guiding her higher than she had ever been before.When Damon added a fourth finger to her churning pussy, Bree gasped and bit her lip. Her eyes were wild and sweat was rolling down the side of her head, but none of it mattered. There was only one thing that she needed, that her body craved more than anything, and that was the sweet release of orgasm, and she was nearly there. Julia hadn't thought that she would actually push her tongue into Bree's asshole, but that was just what she was doing. At first she didn't think it would be possible because the hole had been so tightly puckered, and even if it was possible, she didn't want to think about doing that anyway. But the more she licked around the wrinkled skin, the looser that hole seemed to become, and when Damon began finger fucking Bree's pussy, she suddenly found the hole had opened and her tongue was dipping inside. Her depravity had reached a new low, but she was enjoying every second."Oh God, don't stop, I'm so close," Bree hissed. Damon was roughly slamming all four fingers into her, but hadn't pushed the widest part, his knuckles in yet. She was too tight for that, but he wasn't going to let that stop him. "Are you ready to cum?" Damon asked, his arm slamming up and down as fast as he could make it go."Yessssss... oh fuck meeeeee," Bree cried out as her body was right on the edge of the ultimate orgasm. Her eyes closed tightly as her muscles began to tighten up one last time, and just then...Damon tucked his thumb to his palm, and with one hard shove down, his whole fist slid inside up to his wrist....A stab of pain shot through Bree's pleasure sensors as she was suddenly filled more then ever before. Her eyes flew open as a scream burst forth from her throat. At the same time, her orgasm began, and the pain of being filled to near bursting turned to the most insane orgasm ever. The scream of pain became a scream of unbelievable pleasure, as her whole body was wracked with powerful orgasmic contractions. Never before in her life had she felt such an intense climax. Hot wetness splashed her chest from somewhere, soaking her and running down her sides to dampen the blanket beneath, but she was so caught up in cumming, that she didn't realize where it came from.The hot liquid was actually coming from Bree's clenching pussy, and it wasn't urine. It was cum, and there was a lot of it. Damon had seen videos online of women claiming to squirt when they came real hard, but he had always been skeptical of them, because he thought only guys could squirt cum. Now he had proof that women could actually spray cum, and it was such a turn on. It had sprayed out with some pretty serious force, soaking his arm and chest and raining down on Bree's folded up body. He kept churning his fist inside her super heated cavern for another minute after Bree calmed down. She had very nearly passed out, and was now gasping for air as Damon's fist made lewd farting sounds inside her.Finally, Damon pulled his hand out of Bree, who grunted and rolled onto her side when he stepped off her. His cock was unbelievably hard once again after the lewdness of what had went on, and Julia looked at it hungrily. "Are you ready to cum again?"Julia nodded and moaned, "Mmhhhmm I need it so bad Damon. Please fuck me."Damon moved and allowed Julia to lay on the bed, then he lined up his throbbing cock to her pussy and shoved it in. They both gasped together as Damon began to fuck her slowly. They were both tired, but they both wanted more than anything to cum, and soon Damon picked up the pace and began fucking her harder. Bree finally came to enough to roll over and watch the action. She reached out and fingered Julia's swollen nipple as the action was reaching its crescendo."I'm so close," Damon cried out, "I'm gonna cum.""Un huh," Julia agreed, then she wrapped her legs around Damon's waist, and with three more hard thrusts, her pussy tightened once, then she screamed, "I'm cuuuuuumming!"Damon's orgasm started at the same time, and both of them rode the waves of pleasure together, gasping and moaning and rutting like two dogs in heat. As their orgasms abated, Damon rolled to the side between both women, who curled up on either side of him, and all three fell asleep. ---The smell of sex hung heavy in the air as Damon opened his eyes and stretched his arms over his head. Both women were still asleep with him in the middle. Bree's arm lay draped across his chest, while Julia's hand rested on his upper thigh with her fingers lightly gripping his soft penis. The light in the room was rapidly fading, meaning that the sun was setting and Damon would have to be heading home. He carefully moved Bree's hand off his chest, then took Julia's hand into his own and lifted it off his cock. Dried, sticky cum covered both her hand and his cock. He got up and left the two women still asleep, and headed to the shower.Twenty minutes later Damon was dressed and back downstairs heading toward the front door. The sight of Bree's purse on the side table made Damon stop and think. That nagging feeling that he recognized her from somewhere was back, and he quickly realized that her purse was his best chance of finding out for certain. Normally, he wouldn't even think about going through a woman's purse for anything, but he made an exception in this case.He was sure that he would find nothing as he unzipped the purse and fished out her wallet. Feeling a bit like a child stealing cookies from the cookie jar while mom watched TV in the next room, Damon glanced at the staircase to make sure no one was watching him. Seeing the cost was clear, he opened up her wallet.Bree's drivers license was tucked into one of those clear plastic sleeves, and as Damon scanned it, his eyes fell on her name - Hinkley, Bethany W. A photographwas tucked into another sleeve, and as a cold chill crawled up his back making the hairs stand up on the back of his neck, Damon turned the wallet and looked at the picture. It was a picture of Bree with her daughter, Cara Hinkley, the girl that he had kissed passionately at the party a few weeks ago. The girl that was hanging out and swimming with all of his friends at the falls. He had just fucked the mother of the girl that he wanted to have a relationship with."Holy shit," Damon hissed as the reality of the situation sank in. How could he ever face Cara again knowing what he had done? There was no way that he could date her now. What would he do when she asked him to meet her mother? He couldn't very well say, "Oh we've already met." Footsteps moving around upstairs set him in motion, and Damon quickly closed her wallet and deposited it back in her purse, then he headed out into the dark. He would pick up his cash another time. For now though, he needed some time to clear his head.The End Comments about the story are always welcome



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