My New Truck

Hey guys, so besides getting a new Dodge Ram, I have recently gotten into photography as well. My plan is to start shooting my truck when I start adding new modifications and stuff. But here is what I recently got and I am pretty damn happy with it so far.2017 ram rebel

Here she is, all black 2017 Ram Rebel. It comes pretty much fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. You can read more about it here if you want key details.

Like I mentioned in my living life to the fullest post, I wanted to kind of break out of my shell and experience life a bit differently then what I was used to. My career and work life are starting to bore me, I am financially free, but am just bored with it. Thus the big splurge in this new truck.

My plans for this truck are huge, I plan on taking it offroading as well as dailying this. I already have a few modifications I want to get done with. The fender flares that it come with arent agressive enough so I plan on getting some new fender flares which are probably going to be the Bushwackers, read that they give the most tire coverage at 2.5 inches, Truck Accessory Direct breaks it down pretty well, found them through social media. I also plan on getting some nerf bar running boards and some new rims. Not to sure what kind still, gotta dig around more.

On another note, I also picked up an awesome new Digital Camera, and not just a point and shoot. I picked up a Nikon 7500, phenomenal camera, so I am told. 🙂 Haven’t really learned how to fully use it yet, but I am super excited. It does everything from full HD video to amazing quality photos. I need to pick up a cool fish eye lens, looking here for that. Thats pretty much is so far, I will probably pick up more things as I learn how to use it.

I will probably be making some HD videos of the Ram with it, so stay tuned for that.


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