Sitting here at the window and watchin the world go by. People passing by going about their lives, blissfully unawares of all that is happening around them. Other peoples lives, other peoples hopes, other peoples dreams. Thinking only of themselves, their dreams, there hopes and that one day they will reach them. Thing is, will they reach them? Will they allow the problems that face them now to stand in their way? One problem solved, another arises, its life, its how it goes.

The problem that faces most people is that they are blinded by problems, that they can’t see a way out, a way to achieve what they want, what they need to do. Overthinking problems is a way to get stuck in a rut. Consider the problem, focus on what you need to do to get where you want. Planing step by step. Big goals can be reached by setting small goals as a stepping stone on the way.

I have my plans for my future, my goals set, my stepping stones are being arranged in order to make the path that bit easier. My problems, not over thought about, not getting in my way. Dealing with them as best I can, but not hindering my progress.

I know what I want from life, what I want to achieve and to be honest, I am ready to start getting to my goal. I have been one of the worlds worst prograssionators, but I am ready to move on, to finally do something with my life.

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