Digital Electronics Exam

Had an exam today on digital electronics. Not the worst of subjects, if I had atteneded all of the classes. There was always one lecture on a Thursday evening between 5 and 6 that I couldn’t attend because of work. So as you can imagine, I missed a good lot of notes and was behind. Only for Moodle, ah yes, I hear you say, good auld Moodle. Wait, you don’t know what moodle is? My god, get with the times people. It is only GMITs online system that lets you access class notes and lectures that you have missed!!

A SMD (surface-mount device) FTDI chip, on the...
Image via Wikipedia

So missing a class should not be too much of a problem then, should it? Well if the lecturers ever decide to use it, then yes it is and lucky for me, the lecturer of this subject did. I was able to download the notes and study. Thank f**k!!

Was in College this morning for 10 and spent 3 hours studying. The exam was sooo easy. I should have stayed in bed for another 3 hours this morning. Joking. The 3 hours this morning really did help. I went over a few last things that I didn’t get to cover the previous week while studying.

So only one last exam left, which is PC’s & Multimedia, on Wednesday morning. I have Tuesday evening off work for my study so I don’t see too much problems with this one. It is a subject that I like and have an interest in and also have a good deal of knowledge on already.



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