My New Truck

Hey guys, so besides getting a new Dodge Ram, I have recently gotten into photography as well. My plan is to start shooting my truck when I start adding new modifications and stuff. But here is what I recently got and I am pretty damn happy with it so far.2017 ram rebel

Here she is, all black 2017 Ram Rebel. It comes pretty much fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. You can read more about it here if you want key details.

Like I mentioned in my living life to the fullest post, I wanted to kind of break out of my shell and experience life a bit differently then what I was used to. My career and work life are starting to bore me, I am financially free, but am just bored with it. Thus the big splurge in this new truck.

My plans for this truck are huge, I plan on taking it offroading as well as dailying this. I already have a few modifications I want to get done with. The fender flares that it come with arent agressive enough so I plan on getting some new fender flares which are probably going to be the Bushwackers, read that they give the most tire coverage at 2.5 inches, Truck Accessory Direct breaks it down pretty well, found them through social media. I also plan on getting some nerf bar running boards and some new rims. Not to sure what kind still, gotta dig around more.

On another note, I also picked up an awesome new Digital Camera, and not just a point and shoot. I picked up a Nikon 7500, phenomenal camera, so I am told. 🙂 Haven’t really learned how to fully use it yet, but I am super excited. It does everything from full HD video to amazing quality photos. I need to pick up a cool fish eye lens, looking here for that. Thats pretty much is so far, I will probably pick up more things as I learn how to use it.

I will probably be making some HD videos of the Ram with it, so stay tuned for that.



It has been a while since I last posted. So I though that I’d give you all a bit of an update on where things are and what is happening. I’ll start with work. Work over the last month has been a bit of a roller-coaster. News of people being let off and more lay-offs to come makes me wonder if I’ll survive the chop. Been thinking about this a lot. What happens if I get it, what happens if I don’t get it. If I get the redundancy it means:


1. No job. Duh!!

2. Living on benefits such as unemployment benefit, rent allowance and, well I think that is it.

3. Still have loans and bills to pay. How?


1. Redundancy money

2. More free time.

3. Redundancy money will pay off loans, which sorts part of 3 in the cons list.

4. Possibility to return to college full-time and get a qualification while waiting out the “economic downturn”

Getting a redundancy is a mixed bag really. If I get it, what choice do I have but to accept it and get on with life and see what I can do. If I don’t get it, life goes on as normal and everyone’s, well most people are, happy.

Ok so moving on, college is all go. Working on projects and studying for exams as I go. College is an aspect of life that I like and don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. Once my current course is finished I plan on doing more. I really want to get deeper into programming languages and web development. I think that no matter what I am at in life or where I am, I’ll always be studying something. Knowledge is power after all.

Paddys week is coming up and we are meant to have the whole week off work, but I will be in on the Monday and Tuesday to help out on overhauling some of the machines while there is no production. I am looking forward to have the rest of the week off. Last year paddys day was a lot of fun, it was really sunny and warm, which is what we need at the moment after all of this cold weather of late.

It bonus time of year again and I am wondering what to get out of it, most of it is gone on the car, tax, insurance, service. However I do have some leftover and I have a few things in mind that I want to get. A new coat, new sunglasses and a few decent belts. So as you can see it’s nothing major.

I recently put an ad in the Galway Independent for PC repair as a way of making a few extra euros. Had a call for a job on Friday morning last but it was cancelled. So I am going to run the ad for a few more weeks to see how it goes. So if any of you or your friends are having PC trouble or need something done, who you gonna call? Mike Folan!!

Ok that is all for now, I think. Chat to you all again another time.



Sitting here at the window and watchin the world go by. People passing by going about their lives, blissfully unawares of all that is happening around them. Other peoples lives, other peoples hopes, other peoples dreams. Thinking only of themselves, their dreams, there hopes and that one day they will reach them. Thing is, will they reach them? Will they allow the problems that face them now to stand in their way? One problem solved, another arises, its life, its how it goes.

The problem that faces most people is that they are blinded by problems, that they can’t see a way out, a way to achieve what they want, what they need to do. Overthinking problems is a way to get stuck in a rut. Consider the problem, focus on what you need to do to get where you want. Planing step by step. Big goals can be reached by setting small goals as a stepping stone on the way.

I have my plans for my future, my goals set, my stepping stones are being arranged in order to make the path that bit easier. My problems, not over thought about, not getting in my way. Dealing with them as best I can, but not hindering my progress.

I know what I want from life, what I want to achieve and to be honest, I am ready to start getting to my goal. I have been one of the worlds worst prograssionators, but I am ready to move on, to finally do something with my life.

Digital Electronics Exam

Had an exam today on digital electronics. Not the worst of subjects, if I had atteneded all of the classes. There was always one lecture on a Thursday evening between 5 and 6 that I couldn’t attend because of work. So as you can imagine, I missed a good lot of notes and was behind. Only for Moodle, ah yes, I hear you say, good auld Moodle. Wait, you don’t know what moodle is? My god, get with the times people. It is only GMITs online system that lets you access class notes and lectures that you have missed!!

A SMD (surface-mount device) FTDI chip, on the...
Image via Wikipedia

So missing a class should not be too much of a problem then, should it? Well if the lecturers ever decide to use it, then yes it is and lucky for me, the lecturer of this subject did. I was able to download the notes and study. Thank f**k!!

Was in College this morning for 10 and spent 3 hours studying. The exam was sooo easy. I should have stayed in bed for another 3 hours this morning. Joking. The 3 hours this morning really did help. I went over a few last things that I didn’t get to cover the previous week while studying.

So only one last exam left, which is PC’s & Multimedia, on Wednesday morning. I have Tuesday evening off work for my study so I don’t see too much problems with this one. It is a subject that I like and have an interest in and also have a good deal of knowledge on already.



Lets try again

I’m back. Finally got the site back up and running, very temporarily. As you can see it is set on the default wordpress theme. Soon to be changed I assure you. It might take me a few days to get things to the way they where as I have lots of reports and projects due in college over the next few weeks and to top it all of, I have exams too. So blogging and my blogs appearance will take a back seat for now.

Well it’s now 3am and i’m not long home from work, just delighted to have the blog back up and running. So at this late hour I will say good night and talk to you again soon.

Night night.